Kokura Gion Festival

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In this lively drum festival people parade through Kokura while beating drums attached to floats.
These drums are beat on both sides, which is unusual in Japan.
The stirring sound of the drums is imbued with desires for peace, national security, bumper crops, flourishing business, and family safety. It has been said since long ago that the Gion drums prevent summer troubles.
Adults and children alike participate in the festival's main attraction--a competition in which groups wearing matching happi coats perform traditional drumming.


AddressAround Kokura Castle
Phone numberKokura Gion Taiko Preservation and Promotion Association
AccessJR小倉駅より徒歩約20分、JR西小倉駅より徒歩約10分 車:北九州都市高速勝山出口より約3分、大手町出口より約5分




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