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This website is administered by the Kitakyushu City Tourism Information Committee Committee (office: Kitakyushu Convention & Visitors Association).
Personal information provided to this site by its users is handled as described in the following sections. We strive to create a website with users’ security in mind.

We have a safety management system in place to prevent loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage or users’ personal information, as well as its unauthorized access.
We will never give your personal information to a third party, except when sufficient reason exists such as requirement by law. All collected information will be used for the management of the site and will not be used for commercial purposes.
For personal information retained by this site, all requests from the information’s owner for deletion, correction, or data disclosure will be met in accordance with the law, and with all possible speed.

About the use of personal information and its provision to third parties

This website will never use personal information for any purpose beyond what is necessary to fulfill the site’s objectives without prior consent from the user. Nor will we release or allow access to such information to any non-subcontracted third party without prior user consent.

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The information on this website is published with the belief that it is correct, but nonetheless there may be misprints or incomplete descriptions. This committee accepts no responsibility for any damages or loss sustained by users as a result of this website’s use.

Furthermore, URLs and information not on the front page may be changed without notice. This committee accepts no responsibility for broken links or similar problems resulting from such changes, nor from any loss or damages sustained as a result.

The responsibility for and control of content on third-party websites posted on this website (hereinafter “linked sites”) reside with their respective owners, and not with this committee.

When making use of linked sites, please abide by the terms of use posted therein. This committee accepts no responsibility for the content of linked sites nor for any damages incurred by a user as a result of using that content.

Privacy Policy Changes

This website’s privacy policy may change without notice, in accordance with changes in the law or in this site’s operating policies.


Generally speaking, you may link freely to any page on this website, not just the front page. Neither permission for nor notification of the creation of such links is necessary. Please understand that we are unable to respond to requests for permission to post links.

Please understand that URLs not on the front page may change without notice.
Also, this committee accepts no responsibility for problems or damages sustained in connection with links made to this site.


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This website’s retention, use, and management of personal information are handled properly in accordance with the Kitakyushu City Regulations on the Protection of Personal Information.


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