Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival

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Wasshoi Hyakuman Summer Festival, which began in 1988 to mark the 25th anniversary of Kitakyushu’s reorganization as a city, is an annual summer event which attracts 1.5 million visitors.

In addition to “Hyakuman Odori,” where around 10,000 people come dressed in multicolored clothes to dance in a parade, “Natsu Matsuri Daishugo,” an event featuring the participation of floats and portable shrines from wards throughout the city, and YOSAKOI, which is held at four different venues, including JR Kokura Station Jam Space and Kokura Izutsuya Crossroads, these two days are packed with numerous other events at venues like Katsuyama Park and River Walk Kitakyushu.




AddressAround Kokura Castle Jonai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City
Opening hours8/5(土)~8/6(日) ※前夜祭(共催花火大会)8/4(金)
Phone number093-541-5472 (Wasshoi Hyakuman Natsu Matsuri Shinkoukai)
AccessJR小倉駅より徒歩約20分、JR西小倉駅より徒歩約10分 車:北九州都市高速勝山出口より約3分、大手町出口より約5分




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