Furo no Ido (well for bathing)

門司港レトロエリア 歴史・史跡 / 観る・遊ぶ
(日本語) 難を逃れた平家一行の旅の疲れを癒した水

Battling between the Minamoto and Taira clans resulted in Emperor Antoku and a party of the Taira clan being driven away from the imperial capital, and an imperial palace was constructed around Dairi in present-day Moji-ku in 1182. At that time, local people used water drawn from a well called "pure water of the Kagamigaike Pond," located in the southwestern part of the palace, to help the Taira clan party bathe and relieve their exhaustion. That place has since been called "Furo no Ido" (a well for bathing). Later, the word "furo" (bathing) was replaced with "furō" (eternal youth), which has been used for the names of a district and street. The well is now equipped with a pump, still retaining about-800-year-old water underground.

Địa chỉ đường phố2-10 Yanagimachi, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City
truy cậpApprox. 10 min. on foot from JR Moji Station

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