Blending of Japanese and Western stylesーRestrant Mitsui Club

門司港レトロエリア KCV 観光会員店舗 / 食べる

Here is a restaurant that long-established pub to management in the Moji Port.

 Budget-friendly and delicious blowfish cuisine and Mojikou's Original Baked Curry are popular.

This restaurant is located in the Europian-style house of national important cultural assets that Einstein.Dr stayed, nostalgic atmosphere is wonderful.




Địa chỉ đường phố7-1 Minatomachi Moji-ku
giờ kinh doanh11:00~15:00(L.O 14:00) 17:00~21:00(L.O 20:00)
Kỳ nghỉ bình thườngIrregular ※Please ask by telephone
số điện thoại(日本語) 093-332-1000
Học phíMojiko’s Original Baked Curry set 1489JPY Blowfish dishes course 6370JPYor more
truy cập1min walk from JR Mojikou Station

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