The Blowfish of the Kanmon Straits

พื้นที่ Mojiko Retro พิเศษอาหารท้องถิ่น / กิน

Shimonoseki is famous for its blowfish, but the Mojiko area, which partitions the Kanmon Straits, also has many restaurants offering blowfish.

From luxurious traditional restaurants and inns to reasonably priced establishments, an extensive selection is available to you here.

The most representative blowfish dish is sashimi arranged on a large plate.

When the pattern of the plate can be faintly seen through the thinly sliced blowfish, it can surely be called “edible art.”

And don’t forget blowfish nabe (hot pot dishes).

Pass the head and backbone of the blowfish through kelp-infused broth, adjust the flavor with salt, add ara and vegetables, and simmer.

And of course, as your final dish of the evening, blowfish rice gruel is perfect!


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