Wakamatsu Mizukiri Tomatoes

와카토 지역 향토/특산 음식 / 쇼핑/ 기념품 / 음식 / 식재료

The secret to its sweetness is said to be how much water it is given.

Decreasing the amount of water given to the plant until it barely has enough not to wither is what brings out its utmost sweetness.

Wakamatsu mizukiri tomatoes lock in the maximum sweetness and flavor.

Ordinary tomatoes have a sugar content grade of 5-6, while Wakamatsu mizukiri tomatoes have a grade of 9 degrees or above, making them just as sweet as many fruits.

The best time for the tomatoes is March to June.  They’re a bit on the small side, but with very dense flesh, making them a favorite of professional chefs as well. 


URL(日本語) https://www.jimoto1ban.jp/food/tomato.php

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