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Cape Tomigahana is a scenic spot.
From atop the cliff where Myokensaki Lighthouse stands, visitors can view the ever-changing colors of the sea, the islands floating on the water, and rockface composed of artistic patterns created by years of erosion. Although the daytime view is great, the evening landscape is also fantastic.
Kanponoyado Kitakyushu and Gyoan Senjojiki are in this area, so visitors can have a meal as well as enjoy the scenery and sunset.

AddressKanpo no Yado Kitakyushu: 2829 Arige, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
Access北九州市営バス「かんぽの宿北九州」下車徒歩5分 車:北九州都市高速若戸出口より約25分




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