Wakamatsu North Coast-reef area

Wakamatsu north-coast area Nature / Scenic spots / See / Play

Here, there is a superb view spot called Toomigahana.

Rock became artistic patterns in the many years of erosion, Reef called Senjojiki that appears at low tide

Here can enjoy such a beautiful reef of scenery .

Nearby, there is also with a hot spring hotel and Ryotei, can enjoy  dinner while watching the beautiful sunset.

Tourist attractions Kanponoyado Kitakyushu is here

(日本語) 住所2829 Arige Wakamatsu-ku
(日本語) 電話番号Kanponoyado Kitakyushu +81-93-741-1335
(日本語) 料金(日本語) 無料
(日本語) アクセス20 min by taxi from JR Futajima Station

(日本語) マップ


(日本語) 周辺のグルメ

Surrounding Gourmet

(日本語) 周辺の観光スポット

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