Areas Free of Public Nuisance. Information

Public spaces such as the streets and parks around Kokura Station and Kurosaki Station have been designated as “Areas Free of Public Nuisance.”
Smoking on the streets and littering are prohibited in these areas.
Violators will be fined ¥1,000.

Smoking on the streets is prohibited.

Smoking on the streets is dangerous.
Do not smoke while walking, and only smoke in areas where there is an ashtray.

Littering is prohibited.

Help keep this city clean by not littering. Do not throw cigarette butts, empty cans, and other trash on the ground.

Kokura City Center Area
Around JR Kokura Station and Kokura Castle Gate, shopping streets, Katsuyama Park, etc.
Kurosaki Subcenter Area
In front of JR Kurosaki Station, the shopping district, etc.

The Manner Rangers,
Kitakyushu’s mascots
to encourage good manners

If you smoke, please do so in the designated smoking areas shown below.