Mekari Park

門司港レトロエリア 公園 / 観る・遊ぶ

Mekari Park is located at the northern end of Kyushu, and from the second observatory, you can overlook the Kanmon Bridge that connects Kitakyushu City and Shimonoseki City and the Kanmon Strait where strong tidal current flows.
Don’t miss the huge mural, 3 m high and 44 m long, made of 1,400 Arita porcelain plates depicting the battle of Dannoura between Genji and Genji in 1185. This mural is part of the picture scrolls of the Akama Shrine in Shimonoseki City, and is one of the largest outdoor mural paintings on a ceramic board.

Địa chỉ đường phố2 Chome Kyumoji, Moji Ward, Kitakyushu, Fukuoka
truy cậpApprox. 10 min. from Nishitetsu bus Mekari-koen-mae bus stop

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