World Heritage, “The Yawata Steel Works and Related Facilities”

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Inscribed as World Heritage in 2015

The history of Japan’s industrial modernization has received recognition as a World Cultural Heritage Site

“Sites of Japan’s Meiji Industrial Revolution: Iron and Steel, Shipbuilding and Coal Mining”

The history of Japan’s modern steel manufacturing began here.


During the latter half of the 19th century, Japan was the first non-Western nation to undergo modern industrialization and achieve rapid growth, which it did in an extremely short space of time.

With a focus on coal, the fuel that was the major driving force behind this change, and the iron and steel and shipbuilding that developed alongside this, a series of properties in Kyushu, Yamaguchi and related areas were inscribed collectively in July 2015 as World Cultural Heritage.


Yahata Steel Works First Head Office

The First Head Office was built in 1899, two years before Yawata Steel Works opened up for production. It is a red brick building with bilateral symmetry and a central dome, with rooms including the director’s office, the chief engineer’s office and a room for visiting foreign technicians.


Yahata Steel Works Repair Shop

The Repair Shop was built in 1900 using designs and steel materials from Germany’s Gutehoffnungshütte Radsatz GmbH (GHH). It was used for the fabrication and assembly of all parts and the repair of machinery used at the Steel Works. It is the oldest existing steel-structured building in Japan and, more than 110 years later, is still a repair shop.


Yahata Steel Works Former Forge Shop

The Former Forge Shop is a steel-structured building that was also built in 1900 using designs and steel materials from GHH for the purpose of manufacturing forgings needed for the construction of the steel works. It is currently being used as a steel works museum.


Onga River Pumping Station (Nakama City)

The Onga River Pumping Station was a facility for pumping and delivering water to Yawata Steel Works, located around 10km from the mouth of the Onga River. It was built in 1910 to cope with a shortage of industrial water during the 1st phase expansion of Yawata Steel Works.


*Special area for viewing Steel Works First Head Office

All of the above facilities are located within the factory’s premises and are not open to the public, which is why a special observation area has been set up to allow visitors to view the exterior of the First Head Office.

The surrounding area also used to be part of the Yawata Steel Works premises, and Higashida Daiichi Blast Furnace has been opened up to the public as a memorial of the factory’s foundation in 1901.


・The First Head Office can only be viewed from the outside.

・Related spot: Higashida Daiichi Blast Furnace

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Street addressNone of the facilities are open to the public. *Visitors can view the First Head Office from a special observation deck.
phone number093-582-2922 (Kitakyushu City World Heritage Promotion Section)
access(日本語) 【眺望デッキ】JRスペースワールド駅より徒歩約10分



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