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Kitakyushu Airport is a maritime airport that opened in 2006 and can take off and land early and late night flights.

Several airlines are in service, including domestic flights such as Kitakyushu, Tokyo (Haneda) and Shizuoka, and overseas routes.

Inside the airport, you can take a break at restaurants, ramen shops, cafes, souvenir shops directly managed by local department stores, and the third-floor observation deck has a footbath space where you can enjoy the view.

There is a convenient airport bus from the airport to the center of Kokura.

Address6 Kukokitamachi, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu City
Phone number+81-93-475-4195 (Kitakyushu Air Terminal Co., Ltd)
AccessJR小倉駅より西鉄バス「北九州空港直行」利用で約40分 JR朽網駅より西鉄バス「北九州空港行き」利用で約20分



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