Hirayama Kannonin Temple

门司港怀旧区域 历史 史迹 / 游学
(日本語) こんこんと湧き出す清水が多くの参拝者の喉を潤す

Hirayama Kannonin Temple was established in the Edo period, with an eleven-headed Kannon statue as the object of worship. There are two views on the origin of this temple. Some argue that, after a princess of the Kokura Domain, who had been bullied by her stepmother, was abandoned near a waterfall, and bitten to death by a large swarm of mosquitoes, her wet nurse erected a small temple to pray for the repose of her soul. Others maintain that members of the Taira clan defeated in the Battle of Dannoura lived here in hiding, and erected a Kannon hall. In front of the main hall, a spring from among rocks called Ochichimizu (milk water) related to the legends of the Taira clan is still bubbling up.

地址2358-2 Ikawa, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City
网址(日本語) http://www.hirayamakannon.com/
电话号码(日本語) 093-481-0999
交通Approx. 30 min. on foot from Nishitetsu bus Hirahara bus stop




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