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Kawachi Wisteria Garden
The world knows it as a “purple fantasy!” Famous for wisteria blossoms, visitors from around the world gather here to have their hearts swept away by the picturesque scenery.

  • Feel the nature
  • Yahatahigashi-ku

Nature and Scenic Beauty

Flowering situation can be found hereThe best time for viewing is late April to early May, when you can see this square kilometer filled with about one million wisteria, 22 varieties, in full bloom.

Two tunnels, one 80 meters long and the other 110 meters long, mesmerize viewers with their white and bluish-purple and pink wisteria blossoms.

Starting in mid-November, the 700 maples surrounding the wisteria arbor begin to change colors, making the area popular for enjoying autumn foliage.


Important Notice

Kawachi Wisteria Garden is overwhelmed by its popularity. In particular, traffic jams are causing large problems to the area surrounding the garden during the peak of the season. As a result, visitors to the garden during 20 April to 6 May,2019 must get a ticket that specifyed the date and time.

Kawachi Fuji Gardens Admission Ticket 






Address 2-2-46 Kawachi, Yahatahigashi-ku, Kitakyushu City 805-0045
TEL 093-652-0334 (Kawachi Wisteria Garden)
Hours 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Closed Open 7 days a week during mid-April to mid-May (wisteria), mid-November to mid-December (autumn foliage)
*The facility is closed except during the periods above.
Admission It changes depending on the flower condition.
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク

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