Chikuho Electric Railroad

พื้นที่ Kurosaki-Koyanose พาหนะ / เล่นมิลล์

Running through residential areas and shopping malls, streetcars are an important means of transportation for peoples’ daily life. The 16 kilometer long tramway Chikuho Electric Railroad that connects Kurosaki (Yahatahigashi Ward, Kitakyushu City) with Nogata City. The original plan was to extend the tramway to Fukuoka City in 1956, but it fell through after shift in energy from coal to oil and the decline of Chikuho coal mines. In addition to model 2000 and model 3000 which was introduced in 1988, the new model 5000 made its debut in March 2015. The low-floor design with the levels between the streetcar and the platform almost even makes it all the more convenient.

ที่อยู่1-6 Nabeyamamachi, Nakama City



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