Adachi Park

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It is a park with abundant nature near the center of the city, which spreads out at the foot of Mt. Adachi.

It is famous as a famous spot for cherry blossoms, and during the cherry blossom season, it is crowded with many cherry blossom visitors. It is also a popular spot for hiking, as it is the starting point of the Kiku nature trail that runs from Mt.Adachi to Mt.Tonoue and Mt.Kazashi.

Address1 chome Komonji/1 chome Kurobaru/Myokencho, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
AccessTake the Nishitetsu Bus to Kirigaoka 3-chome from JR Kokura Sta., get off at Shinrin Koen-iriguchi Bus Stop.




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