Kokura Beef

小仓城市中心区域 特产 家乡菜 / 吃

Taken from Japanese Blacks (wagyu) raised in Kitakyushu, only 100 clear the meat quality inspection and are certified as “Kokura beef.”

Vividly colored with fine marbling, the quality of this brand of beef is assured.

Seven cattle farms keep detailed records of the feeding habits, treatments for illness, etc. for each head of cattle, verifying its health before shipping.

Sale of the beef is restricted to only 20 designated shops in the city.

With the very first bite, the beef’s aroma fills your nose as the juices overflow, just before it melts in your mouth.  For meat lovers, this tender beef is out of this world!

After cooking, sprinkling just a tiny bit of salt is how the locals like to prepare and eat it.


网址(日本語) https://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp/kokuraminami/file_0077.html


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