Hiraodai Countryside Park

平尾台・合馬エリア レジャー / 公園 / 自然・景勝地 / 観る・遊ぶ

This facility for experiencing nature utilizes the landscape of Hiraodai Limestone Plateau.
In addition to crafting workshops about ceramics and how to make soba noodles, numerous events are held in every season, including the Hiraodai Tourism Festival and viewing the burning off of fields!

Địa chỉ đường phố1-1-1 Hiraodai, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu-shi
giờ kinh doanh9:00–17:00 (December–February 10:00–16:00)
Kỳ nghỉ bình thườngTue. (or the following day when Tue. falls on a national holiday/substitute holiday) Year-end/New Year's *Facility/park subject to temporarily closings and openings.
số điện thoại+81-93-452-2715
Học phíEntering a kindergarten charges: Free of charge ※A parking rate: Normal car 300 yen, large-sized car 1,000 yen
truy cậpApprox. 20 min. by taxi from JR Ishiharamachi Sta. Car: Approx. 20 min. from Kyushu Expy. Kokuraminami IC

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