Murasaki River Scenery

小倉都心部エリア 自然・景勝地 / 観る・遊ぶ

The Murasaki River, which is the largest in Kitakyushu and runs through city center Kokurakita-ku, is a grade-2 river which helps keep the city in harmony with nature and provides a source of relaxation for its citizens.

What makes Murasaki River special is its 10 individual bridges.

We recommend going to see the individual designs of each bridge.  For example, Muromachi Bridge (the Bridge of Fire) has gas flames shooting up at either end.  Katsuyama Bridge (the Bridge of Stones) incorporates Kokura-ori (traditional Kokura fabric) patterns into its walkway flagstones.  The Naka-no-hashi Bridge (Bridge of the Sun) uses mosaic work to portray sunflowers.

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