Kitakyushu Firefly Museum

小倉都心部エリア 自然・景勝地 / 観る・遊ぶ

It is a facility where you can learn about waterside creatures such as fireflies and the waterside environment where they grow.

Heike fireflies are kept in the building, and you can see fireflies throughout the year.

Địa chỉ đường phố2-5-1, Kumagai, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka
giờ kinh doanh9:00~17:00
※Japanese Only
Kỳ nghỉ bình thườngEvery Tuesday (if Tuesday is a national holiday, the next day)、New Year
số điện thoại+81-93-561-0800
Học phífree

bản đồ


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