Kurosaki Shopping District

黑崎/木屋瀨地區 購物 / 購買/紀念品

Kurosaki formerly flourished as an inn town (post town).

In front of the station, spread out in a fan shape, is the Kurosaki Shopping District.

Composed of multiple shopping streets and markets, the district includes 400 different shops, including cafes, izakaya, and take-out restaurants, in addition to shops selling fresh foods and everyday necessities.

In 1901 the government-managed Yawata Steel Works began operations, its development defining the area’s character.  Here can be found many specialty shops long-loved by locals, including a traditional Japanese-sweets shop established over 100 years ago and a kimono store established over 90 years ago.  Shops selling specialty food Yahata gyoza garnished with yuzu-gosho (yuzu zest and chili peppers) can also be found here and there.  Why not try the gyoza of different shops and compare the flavors of each.

Also don’t miss the flourishing bakeries and Western sweets shops, famous for their giant apple pies!

地址In the vicinity of JR Kurosaki Station




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