Painter and Illustrator Kuroda Seitaro

門司港懷舊區 文化
(日本語) 北九州・門司港で暮らすイラストレーター

Painter and illustartor Kuroda Seitaro, was born in 1939 in Osaka. After working in various occupations, including as a US military ship crew member, he established the design company K2 with Nagatomo Keisuke in 1969. He had set up a studio in New York in 1992 and had been active in a wide range of fields both domestic and internationally. His main works iclude "KAKIBAKA", "War Children's Story Collection, All 4 Volumes", "Wind-cutting Wings", "Mojito-e", "Rio - A River on a Journey" as well as many others. In 2004 he had started the "PIKADON PROJECT". In 2009, he moved his base of activities to Moji ward, Kitakyushu City, and has energetically developed many works such as live paintings, mural paintings, and the "Mojiko Dream Gallery", which was exhibited only during the renovation work of the city’s Mojiko Station.

網址(日本語) 北九州の❝通❞なハナシ『北九ツウ』


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