Taishomachi Shopping District

若户区域 商店 购物街

Taisho Shopping District can be found near Wakamatsu’s ward office, in the vicinity of Wakato Bridge. 

The appearance of wooden buildings lined up along both sides of a road paved not with tiles but with asphalt is what creates the nostalgic “Showa-era shopping district” atmosphere.

Here you can see fresh fish retailers selling fish from the nearby seas, marine-product shops with mentaiko and dried goods arranged in rows, and greengrocers with their assortments of local vegetables.  You can even obtain items which have won the Wakamatsu Souvenir Contest.

In the Maruni Market along the same road are stores selling fine foods which practically fly off the shelves due to their popularity, so you’ll want to visit them as well.


                     Local Specialty Drink Ameyu

地址Hamamachi 2-chome, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City
交通JR若松駅より徒歩12分 車:北九州都市高速若戸出口より約8分




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