Buzen Sea Oysters

北九州机场区域 / 门司港怀旧区域 特产 家乡菜 / 吃

Kitakyushu’s fisheries brand Buzen Sea Oysters are carefully treated before being placed on the market, with fishermen cleaning off the dirt and polishing each individual shell.

Rich in nutrients, these plump oysters grew in a sea of abundant vegetal plankton and are prized for their large size.

Put this tender meat into your mouth and the rich taste will light up your tastebuds.  Barbecued, steamed, fried...  We recommend all three!

Harvested between November and March, before shipping each oyster is individually polished and treated with UV rays to kill bacteria.

Experience the full flavor and tenderness at least once, and you’ll be hooked!


网址(日本語) https://www.city.kitakyushu.lg.jp/kokuraminami/file_0079.html


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