Lavatory at JR Mojiko Station

Lavatory at JR Mojiko Station

Lavatory featuring excellent modern designs, in a retro station

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Mojiko Station was opened in 1891 as the starting point of Kyushu Railway and relocated to its current location in 1914. In the station, which is filled with a nostalgic atmosphere, the area surrounding the lavatory most faithfully shows what the station looked like when it was constructed.

In the era of steam locomotives, the lavatory, decorated with marble and tiles, provided a place, separately from the toilets, for train passengers to wash their hands and face covered with soot emitted by the engine.

In front of the lavatory is a faucet, still in working order, called Kaerimizu (water on return), because people who returned from abroad, including discharged soldiers and repatriated civilians after the end of WWII, quenched their thirst with water from this faucet on their return to Moji.

A bronze washbasin in the lavatory still remains as it was cast, escaping obligatory delivery of metal during WWII, so this prominently massive-looking metalwork is called the "washbasin of good fortune."

Address 1-5-31 Nishikaigan, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City
Access Just get off at JR Mojiko Station.
Remarks * The Mojiko Station building is currently undergoing major repair works for preservation purposes.
(Trains are in regular service. The toilets and lavatory are open to public use.)
Repair period: To 2019 (planned)
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