Kitakyushu Retro Line Shiokaze-go train

Kitakyushu Retro Line Shiokaze-go train

One of Japan's smallest sightseeing tram trains, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Port of Moji

See, Play, Experience Mojiko Area

This sightseeing tram train runs 2.1 kilometers from Kyushu Tetsudo Kinenkan (Kyushu Railway History Museum) Station near JR Mojiko Station to Kanmon-kaikyo Mekari Station.

The blue-colored train, with a small diesel engine between two passenger tram cars, looks brilliant against the background of the scenic beauty of Mojiko.

This train, running 15 kilometers per hour at maximum, is the slowest train on the shortest track in Japan. The train is attractive because of its low speed, which enables you to enjoy the landscapes of the Kanmon Strait leisurely.

In the tunnel before the terminal, a wonderful attraction awaits you.

A one-day pass with unlimited stopover privileges allows you to ride the train as many times a day as you like.

Address [Kyushu Tetsudo Kinenkan Station] 1-7-1 Nishikaigan, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu
Access Very short walk from JR Mojiko Station to Kyushu Tetsudo Kinenkan Station
Tel 093-331-1065
Website (in Japanese)
Hours Saturday, Sunday and national holidays from mid-March to late November; additionally, every day during the "Golden Week" holidays (late April to early May) and the spring and summer holidays.
Admission Fare for a one-way ride: Adults - 300 yen; children (elementary school students) - 150 yen; up to two preschoolers accompanied by one adult - free
■ One-day pass: Adults - 600 yen; children - 300 yen
*This pass allows you to get on and off the Shiokaze-go train as many times a day as you like.
■ Kanmon Strait Clober Pass: Adults - 800 yen; children - 400 yen 
*This pass allows you to make a round trip around the strait, by successively taking the sightseeing train, the Sanden Transportation bus (Mimosuso River to Karato), and the Kanmon-kisen ferry (Shimonoseki Karato to the Port of Moji).
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