Nogi-jinja Shrine

Nogi-jinja Shrine

This shrine is dedicated to an army officer related to Chofu, as well as the deity of learning.

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This shrine is dedicated to Nogi Maresuke, the army officer who committed suicide upon the death of Emperor Meiji, as the deity of the arts of pen and sword. Erected on January 30, 1920, the shrine is dedicated to the deity of learning. In 1859, Nogi moved to Chofu, and accomplished distinguished military achievements, including participation in the imperial army when Saigo Takamori led the Satsuma Rebellion. In the precincts are a reproduction of the house where he grew up as a child and bronze statues of Nogi and his wife. There is also a treasure hall, which exhibits some items they left, including calligraphic works.

Address 3-8 Chofu-Miyanouchi-cho, Shimonoseki City
Access Approx. 7 min. on foot from Sanden Transportation Jokamachi Chofu bus stop
Tel 083-245-0252
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