Stroll along the alleys lined with daub walls, while hearing leaves whispering.

See, Play, Experience Jokamachi-Chofu Area

Chofu has provided a venue for many historical events. In addition to Furueshoji street lined with samurai residences, Yokomakurashoji also inspires one's historical imagination. This is an alley running east to west next to Nogi-jinja Shrine, famous as being dedicated to the deity of learning as well. This alley is too narrow for a car to go through. Lined with Chofu's iconic neribei (daub walls), and covered with the greenery of trees, the alley seems like a time tunnel leading to the Edo period. Why not imagine what the castle town looked like in the Edo period, when it flourished as a castle town, while strolling leisurely?

Address 3-8 Chofu-Miyanouchi-cho, Shimonoseki City
Access Approx. 7 min. on foot from Sanden Transportation Jokamachi Chofu bus stop
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