Former Dalian Route Terminal

Former Dalian Route Terminal

In the early Showa era, many people departed from the Port of Moji for a new world

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The Port of Moji served as a hub for exchanges with many places around the world, including Dalian, China, with which Moji was connected by a sea-lane. This building, the former Dalian Route Terminal, was constructed in 1929 as an international passenger terminal.

Its art-deco design using geometric patterns tells us how the Port of Moji flourished at that time.

The building currently houses a hall, a multipurpose space, and the Matsunaga Bunko library, which exhibits materials on movies collected since 1945, including movie posters and scenarios, and is loved as a center of cultural information.

Address 1-3-5 Nishikaigan, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu
Access Approx. 8 min. on foot from JR Mojiko Station
Tel 093-322-5020 (former Dalian Route Terminal)
Website (in Japanese)
Hours 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Closed Closed four days a year
Admission Free
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