Performances by banana vendors

Performances by banana vendors

If energetic sales pitches catch your ear, enjoy performances by banana vendors, a specialty of Kitakyushu

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 From 1903, a huge number of bananas were landed at the Port of Moji, which is near Taiwan, a production center of banana.

Banana vendor performances originated in the early Taisho era, when vendors attempted to sell off bananas that had ripened while being transported, as soon as possible, using unique sales pitches.

These performances are currently loved as a traditional performing art particular to Mojiko. In the Mojiko Retro area, you can hear energetic sales pitches on weekends and on the occasions of events, festivals, etc.
 The Mojiko Banana Historical Archives on the second floor of the Kanmon Strait Museum display exhibits related to the origins of banana vendor performances, nostalgic materials on local history, and so on.

Address [Mojiko Banana Archives] 2nd floor, Kanmon Strait Museum; [Kaikyo Drama Ship], 1-3-3 Nishikaigan, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu
Tel 093-331-1881 (General Affairs and Planning Division, Moji Ward)
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