Former Nippon Yusen Moji Branch (Moji Yusen Building)

Former Nippon Yusen Moji Branch (Moji Yusen Building)

Building with then state-of-the-art equipment, which attracted keen widespread interest, as seen in a long line of people before it at the time of its completion!

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In 1927, this American-style office building was constructed as the Moji Branch of Nippon Yusen, a shipping company. Soon after its completion, the building was used for the embarking and disembarking procedures for cruise ships visiting the Port of Moji.

Because the building was installed with then state-of-the-art equipment, local people waited in a long line to see an elevator for the first time.

Although the original ornamental design of its exterior has disappeared due to repair works, mosaic tiles in the entrance hall, stair handrails, lights, etc. show us what the building looked like when it was constructed.

* This office building is still in use. Please be careful not to disturb people working here with noise, etc. while you visit it.

Address 7-8 Minatomachi, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu
Access Approx. 2 min. on foot from JR Mojiko Station
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