Sone Tidal Flat

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The Sone Tidal Flat is home to a diverse range of life, and the most active marine-environment cycle, bringing it the nickname of “Nature’s Water Purification Tank”. When reclamation commenced in the 17th century (1624 to 1643), the Sone Tidal Flat in Kokura Minami Ward was 517 hectares. As well as observing marine life, you can come see the migratory birds that fly from the Asian continent in winter. The area has also been a fishing district since long ago and currently is home to numerous oyster bed farms. Enjoy the wonderful scenery as it changes at dawn and dusk, and during high and low tides.

Street addressSone and Sone Shinden, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu City
accessA 15-minute walk from Sone Shinden bus stop (Nishitetsu Bus)




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