Eight Views from Mt.Sarakura

Eight Views from Mt.Sarakura Hobashira Nature Park Guide Map

【①Kogo-Kunimi Rock】

Kunimi Rock, Sarakura

Kunimi Rock (Rock to see the country) is a rocky place on the east slope of the summit of Mt. Sarakura. According to an ancient legend, Empress Jingu stood on this rocky place, and looked on the current Onga, Kokura and the Shimonoseki area. The name of the rock is based on that story. Also, the height of the rocky ledge is approximately 7 meters and is a practice field for rock-climbing now.

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【②Tenku Dome】

Near the peak

To celebrate the night view from the summit being certified as a “Lover’s Sanctuary” in 2015, a heart-shaped monument was erected in the “Tenku Dome” on the mountaintop, which is an extremely popular destination for couples. It is lit up by lights at night, and is an outstanding place in the city for dating.

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【③Four Seasons Road】

Forest course of glittering colors

A one-minute downward walk from Cable Car Sanjo Station on the mountaintop. The slope leading to the visitor center is full of highlights throughout the year: green leaves, azaleas, and a flower wall in spring: hydrangeas in early summer, a tunnel of colored leaves in autumn, and a snow scene in winter.

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【④Fusen Gorge】

The 6th station of the Mt. Sarakura frontside trail

One of the 15 Hobashira views. The highlight is the contrast of beautifully aged maples and cedars, which looks best when the leaves change colors. The masonry arch bridge is a spot of outstanding beauty on Mt. Sarakura and is worth a look.

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【⑤Old Kogo Cedar Tree】

Mt. Gongen trail

On its north face, Mt. Gongen has approximately 4 hectares of cedar trees from 450 to 500 meters above sea level. One particularly old giant tree, which has survived over 400 years, has an air of mysterious dignity. Based on the legend of Empress Jingu, it is called the Empress cedar.

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【⑥Silk Tree Observatory】

Botanical gardens trail

When you go down approximately 10 meters from the course that goes around the botanical gardens, there is an observatory where silk trees are planted on both sides. Sights such as the Kawachi Reservoir and Mt. Fukuchi open out before you, and you can enjoy forest bathing, too.

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【⑦Gongen Peak】

Mt. Gongentrail

The view from the mountaintop park is a must, with a beauty that spreads out like a carpet of bright red, when the time comes for the leaves to fall in autumn. The peak of Mt. Gongen is 617 meters above sea level. The altitude is next to Mt. Sarakura in the Hobashira mountain ranges and gets a deep snow in winter. There are white enkianthus shrubs, Japanese maple trees, and pine trees with handsome foliage, allowing for entertainment all throughout the year.

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【⑧View through the Cable Car Window】

Cable car

One of the big charms is that you can climb to the mountaintop of Mt. Sarakura by a cable car and slope car. The seasonal colors of nature visible from the car window are very beautiful, the autumn leaves are particularly exceptional. You can enjoy the beauty of these autumn leaves while riding the cable car. Mt. Sarakura is a famous place for viewing the changing colors of the leaves.

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