Moji Strait Festa

门司港怀旧区域 节日和活动 / 游学

12 century, in the Kanmon Straits there is a history of "Genpei battle" has been carried out.

It is done armor warrior matrices that the battle can be image.

In addition, there is also a fireworks and concerts, is the most enjoyable time to come to Mojiko Retro.

In the opposite shore of Shimonoseki, there is "Genpei ship battle" and "Senteisai"

​In the "Senteisai" you can see beautiful old Geisha  called "Oiran"



地址Higashiminatomachi Moji-ku
交通2min walk JR Mojikou Station
备注Moji strait festa May 3 to 5 Shimonoseki strait festa May 2 to 4




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