Kanmon District Tour Course Model Course

This course offers a tour of the Kanmon district with a great value Kanmon Strait Clover Ticket that allows you to ride a sightseeing trolley car, Kitakyushu Bank Retro Line "Shiokaze-go", Sanden bus and Kanmon Ferry connecting Shimonoseki and Moji Port.
Walk across the Kanmon Strait via the "Kanmon Tunnel Footpath", one of the few national undersea tunnels in the world!


  • START : JR Mojiko Station

  • 徒歩:約3分 (日本語)  

  • 01. Kyushu Railway History Museum Station(Kyushu Tetsudo Kinenkan Station)[Kitakyushu Bank Retro Line "Shiokaze-go"]

    From this station, a sightseeing trolley car runs Japan's shortest railway section of 2.1 km in the Mojiko district, a town on the Strait at a speed of 15 km/h, the slowest in Japan.

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  • 電車:約10分 (日本語)  

  • 02. Kanmon Strait Mekari Station (Kanmonkaikyo Mekari Station)

  • 徒歩:約8分 (日本語)  

  • 03. Kanmon Tunnel Footpath(Moji Side)


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  • 徒歩:約15分 (日本語)  

  • 04. Kanmon Tunnel Footpath(Simonoseki Side)

  • 徒歩:約2分 (日本語)  

  • 05. Mimosusogawa Bus Stop

  • バス:約10分 (日本語)  

  • 06. Karato Bus Stop

  • 徒歩:約1分 (日本語)  

  • 07. Kamon Wharf

    This is a popular sightseeing spot lined with souvenir shops and local delicacies from Shimonoseki such as fuku (blowfish). Nearby is Karato Market, a kitchen of Shimonoseki City as well as Shimonoseki Aquarium Kaikyokan, which is popular for its exhibition of penguins and more than 100 species of blowfish from all over the world. Time to stay: around two hours

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  • 徒歩:約2分 (日本語)  

  • 08. Karato Terminal (Kanmon Ferry)

  • 客船:約5分 (日本語)  

  • 09. Marine Gate Moji

    The Kanmon Ferry operates between Mojiko and Shimonoseki.
    The time required is 5 min. Taking the ferry is easy, and visitors can enjoy sightseeing spots in both Kyushu and Honshu.
    Upon arriving at Shimonoseki, passengers will immediately encounter Kamon Wharf, which has souvenirs and restaurants. Visitors can walk around and take advantage of the popular Karato Market, an aquarium, and amusement grounds.

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  • 徒歩:約5分 (日本語)  

  • 10. Mojiko Retro District

    Enjoy a nostalgic feeling of Japan's Meiji and early Showa eras from the iconic Mojiko Station, Former Moji Mitsui Club, a guest house where Dr. Einstein stayed, and Mojiko Retro Observation Room overlooking the panorama of the Kanmon Strait. Why don't you relax and walk around the district while eating baked curry and sweets and shopping for fashionable goods.
    Time to stay: around three hours

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  • 徒歩:約5分 (日本語)  

  • GOAL : JR Mojiko Station