Gururich! Kitakyushu|Kitakyushu City Travel Guide

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Wakato Ferry
A three-minute boat trip of nostalgia.

  • See. Play. Experience.
  • Wakamatsu-ku


A convenient 3-minute cruise for only 100 yen. This ferry, which blends in perfectly with the retro atmosphere of Wakamatsu’s southern coast, is a symbol of Dokai Bay.

Address (Tobata Pier) 11-1 Kitatorihatamachi, Tobata-ku, Kitakyushu City 804-0075
(Wakamatsu Pier) 1-15-21 Honmachi, Wakamatsu-ku, Kitakyushu City 808-0034
Access (Tobata Pier) Approx. 10-minute walk from JR Tobata Station North Exit
(Wakamatsu Pier) Approx. 20 minute walk from JR Wakamatsu Station
TEL 093-861-0961 (Public Ferries Office, Tourism and Commerce Promotion Department, Industry and Economics Bureau)
Admission One-way/Adults: \100, Children: \50, Bicycle: \50, Senior and the Disabled: \50 (identification required).
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク

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