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Kurosaki Gion Yamagasa Festival
Watch Kurosaki switch into festival mood with lively and colorful floats and music!

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  • Yahatanishi-ku


During Kurosaki Gion Festival, Kurosaki’s streets teem with luxurious and splendid yamagasa floats decorated with elaborate dolls.

The festival, a firm favorite among spectators, is known for its boisterous nature, especially the aggressive way the floats are pulled around by the participants.

In addition to floats, taiko drums of all sizes, gongs and conches are used to full effect, creating unique sounds that only serve to intensify the experience.

The festival’s highlights include a taiko performance, a competition in which all of the floats come together, and the finale.

For the duration of this event, the streets of Kurosaki are filled with festivities. 



Address Around JR Kurosaki Station
Kurosaki, Yahatanishi-ku, Kitakyushu City
Access A 5-minute walk from JR Kurosaki Station
TEL 093-642-5151 (Kurosaki Gion Yamagasa Preservation Society)
Remarks Held over 4 days during the 3rd and 4th weeks of July
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク

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