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Hiraodai Limestone Plateau
The enormous karst formations are impressive! Also, experience the surprising power of nature in the limestone caverns.

  • Feel the nature
  • Kokuraminami-ku

Nature and Scenic Beauty , Spiritual Places

The Hiraodai Limestone Plateau is counted among Japan’s three great karst formations, and has been designated a natural monument, a quasi-national park, and a prefectural natural park.

With an elevation of 300-700 meters, a north-south length of 6 km, and an east-west width of 2 km, this limestone-dotted zone is popular for trekking.  It includes a number of unusually shaped boulders, such as the “Lion Rock” and the “Kissing Rocks,” as well as the “Gutsy Tree” sprouting out from a a limestone boulder.  Here you can encounter a number of rare sights nature has created for us.

At Hiraodai Countryside Park you can try making soba noodles or ceramics yourself.  There are many fun opportunities for you here.  In addition to the tourist-oriented caves Senbutsu Cave, Mejiro Limestone Cave, Ojika Cave, and others, try out actual caving in an unaltered natural cavern.


Address Hiraodai, Kokuraminami-ku, Kitakyushu City 803-0180
Access Approx. 15-minute taxi ride from JR Ishiharamachi Station
TEL 093-452-2715 (Hiraodai Countryside Park / Caving)
093-453-3737 (Hiraodai Nature Observation Center)
093-451-0368 (Senbutsu Cave)
093-451-6315 (Mejiro Limestone Cave, General Information)
093-451-0165 (Ojika Cave)
HP (Hiraodai Countryside Park) (Hiraodai Nature Observation Center) (Senbutsu Cave) (Mejiro Limestone Cave)
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク

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