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Mojiko Retro
Historic Mojiko, a delightful early 20th century port district that continues to move with the times

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  • Moji-ku

Learn and Observe , Night View and Light Displays

Mojikou Retoro area is one of the representative sightseeing areas of northern Kyushu. Major historical facilities in this area include such elegant western-style buildings as JR Mojiko Station, which has been designated a national important cultural asset, the Old Mitsui O.S.K. Lines Ltd. Building, highly praised as 'the beauty of the port,' and the Old Moji Mitsui Club, where Dr. and Mrs. Einstein once stayed. In addition there are a number of popular sightseeing facilities in the area, such as the KAIKYO DRAMASHIP, which specializes in the Strait and the Kyushu Railway History Museum, which is admired by railroad buffs.

At night, buildings, ships and piers around the Port are lit up to create a fantastic scene. For visitors, the view from the observation room of Mojiko Retro District is a must-see.

In mid-February from the end of November every year, the area is decorated in illumination.

The area is also home to stylish antique galleries and cafes, and is bustling with many visitors every day, who come on dates or to take photos of scenic spots.


Address Minatomachi, Moji-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka 801-0852
Access Close to JR Mojiko Station
TEL 093-321-4151 (Mojiko Retro General Information)
HP (Mojiko Retro Information)
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク
  • 現在地が説明できなくても、スマホでタクシーが呼べる。タクシー自動配信アプリ モタク

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