Gururich! Kitakyushu|Kitakyushu City Travel Guide

About this Website

Kitakyushu is packed with fascinating things to see and do.
Gururich! Kita"Q"shu is a sightseeing website full of information to support your travel needs.


A trip around the many "Q mysteries"of Kitakyushu: Gururich! Kita"Q"shu is here to support your journey. From famous sightseeing locales to hidden treasures unnoticed even by locals, we keep our site continuously updated to make your trip to Kitakyushu more fun than ever before.

Sightseeing attractions are organized by area. We present to you information useful for your trip to Kitakyushu in the following categories: traditional events and festivals, sites around Kitakyushu for nature lovers, cuisine, and Accommodations.

"Specialist Plans" are tourist routes proposed by celebrities connected to Kitakyushu or other local experts. We update this information regularly, so you never know who's going to turn up next!

In the Event Information section, descriptions of entertainment happening in Kitakyushu is listed, along with the time and place for each. The real thrill of travel is participating in local events. Discover something you love!

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